07 Taking Your Editing to the Next Level


We have just zoomed past the halfway point, and we're moving into the Pro-Zone. 

What you'll be learning over the next 6 weeks are the things that elevate your videos from average to truly unique and interesting. 

This week is dedicated to taking your editing to the next level.
As you've probably already noticed, editing is a huge part of creating an excellent video. You can fantastic footage, but if the editing isn't great, neither will your video. But don't worry; taking your editing from fine to good to really darn good isn't that hard. It just takes time and following the right strategy.


  • Lesson Pdf and MP3  - Taking Your Editing to the Next Level
  • Assignment Pdf 
  • Videos:
  • 00 Double Timeline Editing
  • 01 Cutting to Music
  • 02 Effects 01
  • 03 Effects 02
  • 04 Effects 03
  • 05 Effects 05
  • 06 Effects 06
  • 07 Colour Correction and Grading
  • Video Notes PDF

Woah! There are quite a few videos to watch this week! Each one ranges from 5 to 10 minutes. Take your time with them and don't worry about memorizing them - there is a pdf with the video scripts.


  • Listen to the lesson.
  • Read the lesson.
  • Read through the Assignments pdf. 
  • Start with your first Assignment. 

This Week's Lesson:


This Week's Videos:

Watch them according to the instructions in the Assignments PDF.
WATCH in 1080p for easiest nicest prettiest viewing :)

Double Timeline Editing is best if you're able to work with either two screens or one big screen. If you're editing with just a laptop then it's still worth watching this video, but hold off on trying to do Double Timeline editing. While Double Timeline Editing can save you A LOT of time if you're working with a screen that's less than 15 inches across it can just take up too much space to be effective.


Colour Correction

You must have reached picture lock before you do any colour correction or grading. So don't watch this video until ALL of your editing is done. This is vital! 

This is quite a long tutorial at 28 minutes in length, but there's a reason for it. This thing is comprehensive. I did not want to throw you to the wolves here. I walked you gently through colour correction and grading so that you won't feel lost. There is some repetition, but it's in your benefit not to skip through it. 

How to watch:

  • Grab your filmmaking notebook and take notes as you go along.
  • Open up Premiere Pro.
  • Stop after each segment of instructions and try them out on your project.

Another Note:

Colour correction and grading can really slow playback down. A LOT.
So don't do this until you've reached picture lock. You just want to be dealing with colour and nothing else. You won't likely be able to play back your video properly without a lot of stuttering unless you've go a super fast machine.