05 Taking Control of Your Image

WITH the Exposure Triangle

Okay, we've coasted along juuuuust a little bit. And now it's time to go deeper!
To that place that once you master you will never ever want to give up. It's called ULTIMATE CONTROL. This week you are going to dip all of your toes into the Exposure Triangle Waters and begin taking your images out of Auto and into Manual.

Yes, this is challenging. But it's also EXTREMELY rewarding. Like finding treasure in your backyard rewarding. Or getting the last chocolate croissant rewarding. 

So if you get frustrated, and you might, just remember that there is a HUGE pay off to making it through this and understanding what all those darn numbers on your camera's screen mean!


Lesson Pdf and MP3  - Taking Control of Your Image with the Exposure Triangle
Assignment Pdf 


  • Listen to the lesson.
  • Read the lesson.
  • Read through the Assignments pdf. 
  • Start with your first Assignment. 
  • Review the Editing videos from last week if necessary.