03 Editing: From Stringout to Picture Lock

Video Editing - Part 2

  • Cutting

  • Trimming

  • Titles

  • Music

This week you're taking your videos from stringouts that you would have to pay people to watch, to finished, polished little gems.
The moment when you have a video ready to upload to Vimeo or YouTube is deeply satisfying. I hope you enjoy that moment of watching a rendered video as much as I do!

This week contains a substantial amount of HOW-TO time.
There is about an hour's worth of tutorials you need to watch. The best way to approach this week's How-To Videos is to open up your editing program and try out the techniques as you're watching.

Approach it the same way you would an exercise video. In most cases I'll shown you the same action two times. The second time will be slightly faster but usually will contain an extra tip or two. 


Lesson Pdf  - Editing: From Stringout to Picture Lock
Lesson Audio - Editing
Assignment Pdf - From Stringout to Picture Lock
How-To Videos (3)  - Watching Your Stringout  - Cutting and Trimming - From Stringout to Picture Lock


  • Listen to the lesson.

  • Read the lesson.

  • Read through the Assignments pdf.

  • Start with the first How-To Video.


Day 01

Cutting & Trimming


Day 02

Moving the Pieces


Day 04

Refining the Cut


Example Video: Skipping Stones

This was one of the videos I created using the techniques we talked about in the first and second lesson. While this video is much longer than what you created (over 3 minutes), you can still see some of the techniques in use.

The idea with this video was to create a nostalgia piece. Part of that involved using various layers of video, opacity effects, adding texture, and fading the footage. (All things you will learn!)

The takes in this video are a lot longer than is common. I wasn't worried about boring people as the piece isn't designed to do anything but please me. It will be a really neat piece to look at when my partner is super old :) Maybe I'll make another one about him skipping stones when he's 80.

Watch how the ending mirrors the beginning making it feel like a satisfying little story despite very little actually happening.  

Example Video: Flexi Promo

This promo video which I made for a Vancouver-based notebook company, follows the editing principles to the letter. Watch how it opens with intrigue, cuts into the action, and then closes the circle. Bam! And it’s directed towards the nerdy target audience that loves notebook porn. :) Yes, that’s a thing.


Example Video: Wonder Woman Trailer

This trailer follows the editing principles discussed in this lesson.
It opens with intrigue. It drives right into the story. Then it closes the circle by mirroring the opening. Hell yeah, Wonder Woman! You don’t even have to like action movies to appreciate the intelligence of this edit.