02 Editing: The Invisible Hand

The Basics of Video Editing

  • Organization

  • Telling A Story with Online Video  

  • Keeping Your Audience's Attention

  • How to Get Started with Premiere Pro

Video editing is the reason you will keep going with this journey.
It's the pay off that makes all of the other work so worthwhile. But becoming a good editor does not happen overnight. 

First you need to learn some basic concepts. 
Then you need to roll up your sleeves and get into the editing suite and get cracking. From there you’ll quickly start to see what works and what doesn't work. So let's get started.

Lesson Mp3 + Pdf  - Editing: The Invisible Hand - Organization, Story, Attention
Assignment Pdf - Editing Your Sequences
How-To Videos + Pdf - How to Organize Your Edit & Getting Started with Premiere Pro


  • Listen to the mp3.
    As always listen in a relaxed manner. Don't take notes.

  • Review the Lesson Pdf.
    Print it off and underline the important bits.

  • Read through the Assignments pdf.

  • Watch the first How-To Video and do the assignment.
    Take notes in your Videomaking Notebook.

  • Watch the second How-To Video and do the assignments.
    Take notes in your Videomaking Notebook.

Scroll to the bottom if you want to download the audio and pdfs immediately.



Day 01

How to Organize Your Edit File

This video is accidentally low resolution. But don't worry the next one is high resolution!


Day 02, 03, 04

How to Create a Stringout

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