01 The Journey Begins

Getting To Know Your Companion

Now at Week 01 the real learning and experimenting begins!

The lesson is available as both an Mp3 and a PDF. 

First listen to the mp3.

Just listen in a relaxed way. Have a cup of tea and lay on the couch. Or flop on the floor. It doesn't matter. Just hang out in a relaxed way and listen. No need to take notes.

Next go through the Lesson pdf and review all of the images and captions. Watch the video examples the pdf links to. 

When you're ready to start the first assignment go to the Assignments pdf.

Read through it, including the examples, and get started. 

To watch an example of your assignment come back here and watch the video. Or you can watch it now.

You can listen here or scroll down and download all the files at once, including the audio.

Final Version of Week 01 Example
Jimmy Cleans His Glasses
Subject: Jimmy
Action: cleaning glasses
Location: bedroom
Medium, Close Up, Extreme Close Ups


Do you see how you can cut from the hands to the face and the shots work perfectly together? Also do you see how short the cuts are? They’re not usually more than 5 seconds long. Short cuts are what keep attention. Short cuts mimic what the human eye naturally does as it views the world.

Watch one more time and look at how the Medium, Close Ups and Extreme Close Ups are woven together.