Begin Your Solo Filmmaking Journey

Week 00 - Preparing Yourself for the Journey
Learning: Everything you need to get started.

Week 01 - The Journey Begins: Getting to Know Your Companion
Learning: DSLR Basics.
How-To: Shooting sequences.

Week 02 - Editing: The Invisible Hand
Learning: Getting and keeping audience attention with your edit.
How To: How to open an edit file and get started with creating a stringout.

Week 03 - Editing: Completing Your First Edit
How To: How to trim your clips and create a final edit with Music & Titles.

Week 04 - The Secret Power of Moving Pictures
Learning: The Power Triangle
How-To: Shooting advanced sequences so your audience doesn't die of boredom.

Week 05 - Taking Control of Your Image with the Exposure Triangle
Learning: The Exposure Triangle. You're in control of your camera now!

Nostalgia Project Begins!

Week 06 - Capturing Colours that Actually Look Real
Learning: Colour temperature and how to use colour to make your shots beautiful
How To: White Balance an image so your subjects look human

Week 07 - Taking Your Video Editing to the Next Level
Learning: How to Edit to Music, Use Effects, and Colour Correct so your videos look 100% more pro

Week 08 - Framing Your Images So Your Subjects Can Breathe
Learning: How to frame shots correctly so they affect your viewer and hold attention.

Learning: The Basics of Sound Gear
Shopping or Rustling Up: Your Sound Gear! Duh :)

Week 9 - The Sound of Silence
Learning: How to get great sound when recording interview or dialogue.

Week 10 - Three Point Lighting
Learning: How to light a scene with natural and studio lighting

Week 11 - Bringing Your Story To Life
Learning: Tell Stories from a Place of Deep Understanding

Week 12 - The Big Project!
Create your very first story-based micro film!

Learning: A real-deal shoot!