12 - Flying Through Your First Shoot with Ease

My friend, you're almost there. 

You are moments away from learning the final secrets to pulling off your first big project with ease.
After listening to and reading the lesson, get started right away on creating your Gear List. Then nail down the final elements of your micro film and get started.

This week is all about minor details that help you to nail the major details. 
I'm being kind of a mom in this lesson, so bear with me and trust that this stuff is really really really really reeeeeeally good advice. :)

Okay, go get ‘em!



  • Lesson Pdf and MP3 - Prepping for Your First Big Shoot

  • Assignment Pdf

  • Gear List PDF - Example and Editable Version


  • Listen to the lesson.

  • Read the lesson.

  • Make your gear list.

  • Iron out preproduction.

  • Do your shoot.

  • Do your edit.

  • Email me your micro film before picture lock!

  • Send me your final micro film!


Audio Editing 01

Learn Basic Audio Editing in Premiere Pro

Edited versus Not Edited Audio Comparison

Not Edited - Listen with your volume levels set to halfway.

Edited in Premiere Pro with Noise Removal, Transitions, and Levels
Listen to it with your volume set to the same levels as the previous audio.


Audio Editing Bonus

Coming soon - learn basic audio editing in Adobe Audition.

Colour Correction and Colour Grading Bonus