10 - Let There Be Light!

Light. Shadow. 

At the beginning of this course I asked you to start falling in love with light.
I hope you took that seriously. Light is the one main element that makes all of this microfilmmaking we've been doing possible! Now that you've spent many weeks observing shadows and lights, you're ready to roll up your sleeves, dig in your heels, and learn that technical stuff behind both studio and natural lighting set ups. 

This know-how will help you to strategize when planning your shoots so that you can get the best possible images. 


  • Lesson Pdf and MP3 - Transform Your Image with Shadow and Light

  • Assignment Pdf - Sound Production

  • Microfilmmaking Planning pdf

  • Video - 5 Star Lighting Set Up


  • Listen to the lesson.

  • Read the lesson.

  • Read through the Assignments pdf.

  • Start with your first Assignment.

  • Watch the Video

  • Do the Pre-shoot Interview

  • Do the shoot.

  • Edit

  • Upload


5 Star Lighting

This video will walk you through what each light looks like when put in the frame. It’s the most recent lighting video.

Bonus Behind-The-Scenes Video

In this video you’ll get a quick walk through of how I would do a lighting assessment on location, how I set up my lights, and a couple extra lighting tips. Be warned, it’s a cell-phone video with tons of shaky hand held!

Bonus 5 Star Lighting Round 2

This is an older video. It shows you the exact same set up as the initial one, but on a lower budget. It’s just here in case you want another review of lighting.