09 Sound, Sweet Sound

Let's cut straight to it. Sound. It's on.

You're going to be shooting your first interview this week and creating a micro story from that interview. We are one step closer to your big final project. And this little building block is a key element in practicing the skills you need to create full sound micro films.

So let's just do it!


  • Lesson Pdf and MP3 - The Sound of Silence: Capturing Clean Audio

  • Assignment Pdf - Sound Production

  • Video - Synchronizing Your Audio and Video

  • Video - How to Change a Mono Track to a Stereo Track in Premiere Pro


  • Listen to the lesson.

  • Read the lesson.

  • Read through the Assignments pdf.

  • Start with your first Assignment.

  • Do the shoot.

  • Watch the Video on Synchronization.


This Week's Lesson:


How To Change a Mono Track to a Stereo Track in Premiere Pro

Do this first before you do any syncing. 

P.S. I just export my videos in mono 99% of the time, so I usually skip this step. But if you know you want a stereo export, make sure you do this first.

How To Synchronize Your Footage to Your External Audio...simply and easily!

Bonus Video: Setting Up A Shotgun Mic - Troubleshooting & Best Practices

Field Notes from Dealing with Radio Interference

Sometimes when out in the field you can have radio frequencies interfere with your audio recording. This can happen when using wireless lavs or when using a recording device with unbalanced cables. If this happens to you while using a shotgun mic, take a look at this troubleshooting guide.